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The Massive Package

The Massive Package


What you are buying?
You are purchasing the The Massive Package, which includes a domain name of youTHEr choice and the setup.

Why will this help you?
This will secure your desired domain name for future use and we will do all the setup for you, we will also offer the next stage in getting a website designed for your business.

Do you get a business email setup?
Yes you will get 1-25 business email addresses and we will setup them all up for you and provide you with the login access and settings.

Are you tied to us if you buy this product?
Well yes and no, this is a starter package which offers everything really you should only choose this package if you plan for us to do the website design work.  If you do ask us to do the website design for your website you will be tied in with us for a monthly hosting charge of £34.99 (VAT Excluded) for 12 months which will continue after month 12 unless you change the hosting provider or cancel with us.

Will you own the domain?
Yes once its all setup we will send you your logins and the domain name will be registered with your information with Nominet.

Is website design included?
If you are choosing this package you plan for us to do the design work.  We will contact you and find out what you are looking for, if your happy with our price we will go ahead and design it for you.

If you are not happy then you will be charged £34.99 (VAT Excluded) and we will transfer your domain on to a separate hosting account with another provider and send you the logins.  Please note once we do this you no longer receive support or the business email addresses, you are no longer with Bynea Computer Solutions.

Is hosting included?
Yes hosting will be included with this package for a monthly fee of £34.99 (VAT Excluded) unless you choose not to stay with us.

Will I get tech support with this to update the website?
We will maintain your website and help you update and make changes for an additional fee.  This fee can only be determined once we know what work you need doing.