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Beginner Package

Beginner Package


What you are buying?
You are purchasing the beginner package, which is a domain name of your choice and setup.

Why will this help you?
This will secure your desired domain name for future use and we will do all setup for you.

Are you tied to us if you buy this product?
Absolutely not, this is a starter package we just start you off and then you can choose if you want us to design a website for you or find another designer.

Will you own the domain?
Yes once its all setup we will send you your logins and the domain will be registered with your information with Nominet.

Is website design included?
No if you need a website we will offer you a website proposal once we understand what you are looking for.

Is hosting included?
No hosting is not included in this package, once we understand what you are looking for we can offer hosting at an affordable price.